Diy Painted Feathers

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Diy Tissue Paper Flowers

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Diy Blooming Monogram

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Diy Percher Bird

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Diy Upholstered Chair

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Diy Charger Cozy

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DIY Pallet Signs with Silhouette

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Diy Pressed Flower Phone Case

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Diy Lace Insert

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I got tagged by kassitykat21


Name: Maddie

Birthday: November 7th

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Lucky Number: 7 or 21

Height: Not telling~


Last dream you remember: I don’t have lots of dreams and I can’t seem to remember my last one.

Can you juggle: No

Do you like writing? Not really, but I do it a lot.

Do you like dancing? Nope.

Do you like singing? Yes, but I am not very good.


Dream vacation/holiday: England or Norway

Dream guy: Elliot Nightray, Gilbert Nightray, or Ciel Phantomhive

Hero: Myself; I don’t have anyone.

Dream wedding: A meadow scene wedding that only has a few people, very private, and quiet.

Dream pet: Tiger

Dream job: Interior Designer or Graphic Designer


Favorite song: Don’t Stop {5 sos}

Favorite album: From Under the Cork Tree {Fall out boy}

Last song you heard on the radio: I can’t remember.

Least favorite song: Any full rap songs.

Least favorite artist: Lil’ Wayne


Humorous/serious: Both

Coke/Pepsi: Neither.

Sweet/Savory: Sweet over Savory, but I still like Savory a lot.

Rainy days/Sunny days: Rainy Days, of course.

Least attractive attributes in a person: Personality and Body.

Most attractive attributes in a person: Hair, Eyes, and Personality.

I tag you!