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Name: Maddie

Birthday: November 7th

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Lucky Number: 7 or 21

Height: Not telling~


Last dream you remember: I don’t have lots of dreams and I can’t seem to remember my last one.

Can you juggle: No

Do you like writing? Not really, but I do it a lot.

Do you like dancing? Nope.

Do you like singing? Yes, but I am not very good.


Dream vacation/holiday: England or Norway

Dream guy: Elliot Nightray, Gilbert Nightray, or Ciel Phantomhive

Hero: Myself; I don’t have anyone.

Dream wedding: A meadow scene wedding that only has a few people, very private, and quiet.

Dream pet: Tiger

Dream job: Interior Designer or Graphic Designer


Favorite song: Don’t Stop {5 sos}

Favorite album: From Under the Cork Tree {Fall out boy}

Last song you heard on the radio: I can’t remember.

Least favorite song: Any full rap songs.

Least favorite artist: Lil’ Wayne


Humorous/serious: Both

Coke/Pepsi: Neither.

Sweet/Savory: Sweet over Savory, but I still like Savory a lot.

Rainy days/Sunny days: Rainy Days, of course.

Least attractive attributes in a person: Personality and Body.

Most attractive attributes in a person: Hair, Eyes, and Personality.

I tag you!




Diy Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case

Resource: Lovely Indeed

more Information: Lovely Indeed

Diy Patterned Heart Tights/Leggings

Resource: Lemon Jitters

More Information: Lemon Jitters

Diy Polka Dot Pencils

Resource: Lovely Indeed

More Information: Lovely Indeed

Diy Handmade Clay Pots/Diy Planters 

Resource: Say Yes

More Information: Say Yes

Diy Garden Markers

Resource: Wit and Whistle

More Information: Wit and Whistle

Diy Mini Origami Book

Resource: Paper Kawaii

More information: Paper Kawaii

Diy Teabag Tags

Resource: Kate’s Creative Space

More Information: Kate’s Creative Space

Diy Hanging Planters

Resource: Unknown

More Information: -None-

Hey deluxe DIY thank you so much for following me love ya gurll and your designs are so unique

Ello Love! Thank You very much and you are welcome. Although the diy’s don’t belong to me unfortunately, their just ones I find and I post them here.

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